VAYAK’s Add on Packs
Photo & Signature

The Photographs & Signatures of members & account holders can be stored in the software and could be seen as per requirements. In loan Society can maintain the photographs of Guarantors, Property, Vehicle, Gold etc.

The photographs of Members in the credit society can be taken by webcam directly or you can use past scanned photographs.

SMS & Email Facilities

Society can send the transaction information to Members immediately by SMS on their mobile on event like New A/c Opening, Transaction, Balance of accounts etc. It will creates a good image of society in the market.

In some cases society can use promotional SMS for advertising new scheme or product to members. Some society also send SMS on birthday or on festivals like New year, Holi, Rakshabandhan ect.

Agent Scheme With MLM

Agent wise collection in various schemes and A/c can be done. A chain of sub-agents under Parent Agents like multi level marketing can be develop. Commission can be calculated automatically level wise according to the scheme, No of Instalment and Level of Agent.

SO many different kind on reports and receipt printing facility is available. Some society also use software for promotion and extra bonus and incentives.

Mobile Collection System for Agents

First time in India we have launched a great Mobile collection system, In this society has no need to purchase Agent collection machine. For this Agent should have android base smart phone and internet. As rate of mobile and internet is going down, our Agent collection mobile App is a cheapest way to be on-line and fast working at low cost.

In field Agent will have to do just collection entry in mobile & sync data to cloud server. Society staff can import all data from our software and post in person’s individual Ledger, General Ledger & Day book. You can also send SMS to the customers.

Agent Collection M/C Connectivity Software

Your agent can use Daily collection m/c & by using it can give on-site printed Receipt of collection to the member. when agent comes to the society by just connecting their m/c to the software, all data will be posted in the software & reflect in each & every person’s individual Ledger, General Ledger & Day book.

Machine collection is lengthy process, then mobile App, so slowly all society are moving towards mobile App base collection.

Multi Branch Consolidated B/S

Society having 5 –10 branches can merge all branches balance sheets &. can get overall multi branch consolidated Balance sheet.

Web Base On line Balance

The members of society can know the balances of their A/C immediately by going to the website of credit society by entering their user ID & Password.

Core Credit Solution (Like Core Banking)

Multi Branch or Multi State Societies having more then one branch & wants to give customers the facility to do the transaction from any branch than Vayak's Core Credit Society Solution is the best solution for your society. After this facility your member can deposit or withdraw money from any branch.