Agent System in Vayak Credit Co-op. Society Software ...
Agent Collection System in All Modules Like R.D, F.D.,D.D., Loan Etc.

Many Peoples who are interested to deposit their money in society but can't go to the society due to his/her busy schedule & Society also can't go to the members. So, Agent is a link between the member & society who goes to the each & every members to collect their deposit & submit it to the society. Society gives commission for his work in R.D, F.D., D.D. etc.

In VAYAK Software to do the entry when you will select the Agent, list of Account holders having account under that Agent will opened on the computer screen, you have to simply entered the collection amount just like doing total in calculator in it. After that computer will show the total of collection which should be match with the collection amount of agent. Than if you will give posting than all amount will be posted in respective account in single entry.

Agent Mobile base Collection, Auto Posting & Balance, Maturity, Report to Agent

First time in India a great Mobile collection system came for agent collection. In which society has no need to purchase a agent collection m/c. In field agent have to do just collection entry in mobile & within a second all data will be transfer to server and then society will get all data from internet and auto posted in each & every person’s individual Ledger, General Ledger & Day book & also customers will get receipt by small blue-tooth printer or SMS for their transaction.

Agent Collection through Collection Machine, Fetch Data & Posting in Software

In Agent collection machines basic data will be copied from the computers & when agent go in the field at that time he do entry of the collection amount in m/c & receipt will be generate from the m/c for customers. At the end of the day agent go to the society, connect m/c to the computer & today's collection data will be copied from the m/c to the computer & automatically posted in the respective person's individual ledger , General ledger & Day books etc.. This way it works.

Collection Base Commission Calculation

Single branch society have generally one Agent level system in which society directly open the agent & Agent goes to the field to collect the deposit. Society gives commission on the collection done by the agent.

MLM Base Collection , Commission Calculation & Reports

In Multi State Society there is a Chain system of agent like MLM companies. In that Agent's 10 - 15 levels are there. Agent can appoint new agent under him. So when commission will be calculated at that time whole chain of agent will get commission on his own work & commission from the chain which he has develop under him.